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Name: Nicolas R. Peterson
Location: Email
Date posted: 15/02/2008
Subject: World Peace - How?

I have been examining your site, and the more I read the more I realize that the ideas mirror my own. I am stongly moved to promote your site. I would like your permission to do so. I need no payment although anything you could give to allow me to promote more could be discussed, but again I will do what I can free of charge. All I would ask for is business cards that have the site address on them and contact info. My strategy would be to go to Mosques, Churches, and Temples, as well as colleges to talk to people who will be likely to have interest in peace.

Now as for the site itself it could be updated. the most important thing is that the message and ideas are all very clear. what it needs is a reason for people to become members and donate. If you are familiar with myspace then I recomend you offer similiar services. allow members to design their own page giving their view points. then a messaging system between members would allow peace networking. now your membership should grow with proper promotion. to get donations you have to explain exactly what the money will be used for. You must either have a program that does something to promote peace or directly donate the money to a program that does.

The important thing I hope we can agree on is that your site is promoting what 95% of people want, so 95% of people have a right to be heard when it comes to what is said on your page. Somehow you need to create the collective voice and never stop improving it.

If humans would accept a new approach to responding to aggression then war would possibly stop. When a party attacks they most likely are threatened or offended. If when that attack occurs the assaulted party tries to figure out why he was attacked and then tries to fix it, then the fight may not occur. Unfortunately this does not happen. Instead of being patient and figuring out the best action the quick and easy response is to fight. The only way to get nations to adopt the patient approach is for the people to learn patience so the leaders in turn will have patience. So I believe patience and understanding are keys that will open the door to peace.

Now how are patience and understanding spread to the masses. I think one must find a simple message. This cannot be done by one person alone. Many people perhaps an organization can work to find a fundamental message for peace. Once the message exists then it can be spread.

As for World War II is concerned, I do not know how such a war could have been prevented. However if the message of peace was created, and was strong enough to get to the hearts of the people, then new wars will be avoided.

In closing, I think the message might be simple. It is that people must be patient and find understand so they can make better decisions. On the other hand a problem comes up. That is finding a balance between waiting too long to make a decision, and not waiting long enough to make that decision. Over all it is a problem that can only be solved when mankind comes together to solve it.

Peace be upon you, Nicolas




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