What Can You Do?

Apart from joining the campaign to raise funds for its promotion, or by sending a donation, there are several other ways in which all people of goodwill can help to promote PEACE.

1. If you have your own website, and you are broadly in agreement with its objectives you can help by adding a link to the WPC site. The more people who see this site the more will become involved and the faster the campaign will grow.

2. If you have a commercial website and the directors of you company are in favour of the WPC objectives, why not pay for a small advert on this site with a link to your own.

3. Contact your MP. Send him or her your reasons for requesting a motion to paliament to promote World Peace. Add a link to this site, and ask for their views.

4. Urge your MP to help moderate the huge amount of money being spent on the armed forces, armaments & deadly missiles. Persuade that person that funds spent on helping to create a United Nations Peace Force would be a better way to spend our money.

5. There will soon be a debate and a vote in the House of Commons on the replacement of "Trident" - the UK?s current nuclear missile force How many billions of pounds will that cost? Do we really need it for the defence of the UK? Help to make sure your MP attends this important debate and make sure he knows you want the cost of the UK's defence kept to the minimum.

6. Tell your friends about this new World Peace Campaign site. Tell them how easy it is to access, just by using the words WORLD PEACE CAMPAIGN on the search engine GOOGLE.

7. If you are involved in your church or religion regardless of whether it is Christian, Moslem, Jewish or any other organised faith ask your minister or leader what you organisation is doing to help promote world peace. Maybe they would like to join our campaign.

8. If you are a resident of a country other than the United Kingdom your membership of this campaign will be particularly welcome. Please also do your best to promote this website within your country and ask the leaders of your country for their support.

9. If you are sufficiently fortunate to live in a democratic country write to your representative of your parliament or senate and make sure you tell them about the World Peace Campaign website.

10. Should you live in a dictatorship or a country where you are as yet unable to enjoy the benefits of democracy, please support those who are working to achieve democracy - World Peace could depend on it!

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