"UNITED NATIONS - Could Do More!"

Millions of fair minded, caring people throughout the world will have been shocked to learn that Russia & China have together vetoed the UN decision to impose tougher sanctions against Zimbabwe. Why are some countries in a position to veto democratic decisions?

"What a sham" said John Stephen. "Is this democracy in action at world level?". He has asked Britain's ambassador to the UN to explain why the veto is allowed in a supposedly democratic organisation. His response will be published when received.

"The United Nations should be the world's principle hope for unity & peace" John Stephen added, "But with the situation where two powers in the Security Council can impose their will against the main Assembly most people will agree that this is unjust. How the UN works needs serious review if faith in that organisation is to be restored".

Action against Robert Mugabe's seizure of power in Zimbabwe following the election fiasco, were agreed at the recent Global Warming summit. The decision by Russia and China will inevitably leave all fair minded people wondering whether these powers have designs on South Africa for ulterior motives. In view of the fact that thousands are starving with many having their homes repossessed, voters being bullied, tortured & murdered; action must be taken to resolve this country's problems. It is certainly obvious that Mugabe is far from capable of running the country.
What action should be taken to resolve Zimbabwe's crisis without military action? Email your suggestions please to: OFFICE@WORLDPEACECAMPAIN.CO.UK
We will publish the most sensible of these ideas on this website.
Lobby your MP, Senator or other democratically elected representative to take action to review the UN's methods of working.
Be ready to help those charities who are doing their best to help relief the problem with food, clean drinking water and shelter. The Red Cross, Oxfam and other relief charities will be only too pleased to hear from you.

Who Can Solve a Problem Like Mugabe?

Imagine who would have such taste and live in such opulence?

An American Billionaire?

A Saudi Prince?

Louis XIV of France?

Savour the pictures and remember who owns this Work of Art.


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