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Uniting the World to Prevent War
The prevention of war, like the prevention of crime takes a low priority on most country's budgets. A vast sum is spent on defence as is spent on the solving of crime, but surely it is high time that our priorities changed? Prevention of war could be so much more effective without the serious loss of life that war entails. Regrettably it is the same when even those countries - and there are certainly few enough of them - despite giving their whole hearted support to the United Nations, spend a vast fortune on defence. They arm their Army, Navy & Air force with all the latest weapons - whilst the wealthy countries also spend millions of pounds on Nuclear Deterrents. The amount spent on diplomatic relations is minute by comparison. But if the people who populate our planet really want to help prevent wars, there needs to be a much greater effort at diplomatic methods of peace keeping. Not only should the United Nations encourage democracy it should insist on it as a prelude to becoming members. It is invariably the dictatorships of the world who cause the most problems. Even the USA pays lip service to the UN, preferring to believe that it is they who are the world's policemen.
One of the problems that the UN faces is that they are under-funded. Would it surprise you to know that the US government instead of being the country which all others take as an example, is one of the worst culprits. Their annual dues to the UN are £2.1BILLION. Unfortunately they have a policy of not paying this bill until after they receive the bill for the following year. By this method the UN coffers are permanently short of this amount. It causes a serious cash flow problem that hopefully a change of President will resolve.

There is a way in which the United Nations could take the lead to establish World Peace. There needs to be a radical shift towards prevention instead of trying to resolve a problem after conflict has started. The proposal is that the UN should establish a WORLD PEACE COUNCIL. Not to replace the Security Council but to act as coordinators of diplomatic effort and the promotion of the concept of world peace by the prevention of war. By uniting in this way, the countries of the world would be creating a framework for peace. In order to succeed, there would need to be a much greater level of cooperation than has existed in the past. Each country would select a Peace Ambassador who together with other members of the Peace Council would look ate the causes of war and how they could be prevented. These causes include GREED, TERRORISM, RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE and ECONOMIC INSTABILITY & DEPRIVATION. With that greater level of cooperation and increased level of diplomatic action to help achieve that great goal, a situation would develop where by individual countries would not wish to go to ward, preferring to resolve any disputes by considerably cheaper diplomatic means.
The vast majority of caring people of our world must UNITE to ensure that there is a fairer distribution of wealth. Allowing people to starve because they have a government that persecutes its own people as in the case of Burma & Zimbabwe must be halted. It does mean that the UN will need to get much tougher on the world?s criminal leaders or those who seize power without election and do nothing to resolve the suffering of their own people. Many of the worlds problems so far have seemingly been tolerated by the UN because they lacked the teeth to tackle the problem. This situation must not be allowed to continue. The Peace Ambassadors selected by the individual countries would hopefully be passionate about achieving world peace. They would have links to leaders & diplomats of their own countries as well as those of other countries as well as other United Nations representatives on the Security Council. They would undoubtedly be lobbied by the Peace organisations from around the world. Although it might take some time a new united world would eventually emerge. The United Nations would become the trusted World?s policemen. They would have the power of arresting and charging those malign usurpers of power. They would bring them to justice in a world peace court. It would not be long before people like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe realised the futility of their evil ways. Other despots would quickly learn that this sort of behaviour would simply not be tolerated. The United Nations would start to achieve for what it was established - Peace on Earth.

"And they shall turn their swords into ploughshares and there shall be no war any more" where from??? It is our belief that God's intention was that mankind should not await God's divine intervention but to help towards creating peace on earth ourselves. Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God. Are the occupants of our planet to await Divine intervention or should we work towards resolving the world's grievances for ourselves. BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS ????.
1.  Contact your MP send him or her a copy of this article and ask his views on this important issue.

2.  Sign our appeal to the Secretary of the United Nations.

3.  Contact all your friends to promote peace & enlist their support

4.  Create an introduction to World Peace Campaign with a link on your website Just clicking onto the attached is the easiest way. (SEE BELOW)

5.  Whichever religion you are, and especially if you are a church leader ? please pray for peace.

6.  If you are involved in politics or an MP please submit a resolution to make peace a priority in your party. World Peace is surely an issue on which we can all agree!

7.  Start an Email friendship with someone in another country and help promote the concept of Peace.

8.  If you are a journalist please give this campaign your support with an article in your newspaper or magazine.

9.  If you are an actor, actress, film star or sports personality contact us to let us know of your support. This can encourage others to support us.

10.  If you are involved with another Peace Campaign please add a link to our site.

We the undersigned petition the United Nations to adopt the programme for World Peace as outlined by the WORLD PEACE CAMPAIGN. This petition will be sent at regular monthly intervals.

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