Campaign Objectives

1. To create an international organisation committed to campaigning for and achieving world peace through the involvement of ordinary human beings. There are thought to be 95% of the world's population in favour of peace and opposed to war & aggression.

2. It would also seek the help of politicians & members of all shades of opinion, religions of all types as well as leaders & members of all organisations with similar or related objectives. We would also seek the support of Sportsmen & women, film stars & actors, singers & musicians. In fact anyone who can help to raise the profile of the group & make it as effective as possible. The membership of this campaigning group is open to all people throughout the world and there should be no barriers as to race, creed, religion, colour or sexual orientation. The only criterion is their commitment to peace!

3. One of the primary objectives of WPC should be to become a FORUM for similar organisations utilizing the full potential of the internet. The internet is a wonderful opportunity for communication across the globe. At present although there are several million sites which are selected using "World Peace" there is no co-ordinating site which is being promoted. This organisation aims to change all that and give Peace the voice it deserves.

4. In order to have any hope of achieving the main objective of world peace, there must be a unified campaign across the globe. This campaign which will grow in strength over the months and years as membership grows, will have the objective of ensuring politicians in all countries realise the massive strength of purpose of the population and start spending our taxes on peace initiatives instead of armaments, bombs and forces trained to kill.

5. There is a great need to create an effective International policing system not only to deal with international crime but to help create conditions in each country which are harmonious with law & order and the spread of peace.

6. One of the ways in which it is envisaged world peace could be promoted in practical terms is by strengthening the United Nations by creating a World Peace Conference to which a world peace delegate from every country would be invited. At such a conference the issues which are causing disharmony could be discussed & resolved - such issues would include the environment as well as the threat of terrorism. It would no doubt also consider such issues as fair trade, a greater level of wealth distribution to help towards solving poverty; as well as the growth of food production and distribution throughout the world to help to avoid starvation & malnutrition.

Gradually there would be a greater emphasis on the promotion of peace in individual countries and the arrest of terrorists & dictators to stand trial in an international court. These are the problems which have traditionally been the root cause throughout history of unrest & civil war. The problems in any one country would become the problems of the international Peace community & the United Nations Peace Forum. They would then have the backing of the vast majority of the world to resolve such problems as they arise. Dictatorships in any country would under these circumstances be short lived. For example, how long has the world's population been helplessly watching the plight of the people of Zimbabwe whilst the UN does not have the power or the resolve to work towards a solution? Sometimes just getting the opposing forces around the negotiating table to discuss the problems is not even attempted.

Yes - there really is a great need for the promotion of world peace. How long will nuclear bombs continue to be made and stored? The world has been fortunate so far that it has not destroyed itself. Can this state of affairs be allowed to continue unchecked? Unfortunately the various world religions of all dogmas do not have a history of which to be proud. Throughout history religious conflict has too often been the cause of fighting. The world's politicians have no better record. There is a real need for them to get together on this important issue! Hitler, the world's best known & most despised leader was allowed to dictate and pursue war for over five years before he was finally beaten following much bloodshed and there have been many smaller wars since. Some have been of an ethnic nature some have been caused by pure greed. Are we to learn nothing from history?

Surely it is high time that World Peace is given the priority it so rightly deserves. It is time for all good men & women to stand up & be counted. It is time for all politicians throughout the world to translate the wishes of virtually the entire global population into action to resolve current problems - before people get killed and they turn into war.

It would also help to ensure that in the future there is PEACE ON EARTH & GOODWILL TO ALL MANKIND. Many people will consider that this is but a pipedream, Yes it is idealistic, but it is what the vast majority of the world's population want. They don't want to continue to live in dread of the next terrorist attack or the next civil war or the next famine. They have a right to expect that the world's elected politicians will put this subject to the top of their agenda and put money into creating peace instead of war.


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