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imageThis is the new website which has been established to help coordinate the efforts being made around the world to achieve Peace on Earth.

Most people will agree there is far too much money spent on fighting wars, on armaments, guns, rockets and nuclear missiles.

If no action is taken on behalf of the vast majority who are crying out for peace, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

Over the years there are many contributory factors to the causes of war - greed, starvation, Third World debt, the environment, dictatorships and now terrorism by fanatics.

Religious crusades can also take their share of blame for wars down the centuries! Religion has been used as a bandwaggon for extremists, thieves & soldiers to jump on to promote their own warped versions of the so called truth. This has often resulted in the opposite of what the religion intended. Most, if not all, major religions believe in peace and respect for fellow man and their rights to their own individual & collective existence and way of life.

It seems obvious that it is the extremes of politics & religions that are causing the problems in the world today. This campaign is an attempt to change that through persuasion. It can be done with your help!

What Can We Do?
So what can be done to help promote Peace? We, the peace lovers could unite to ensure that our voice is heard loud and clear all over the world. By standing together we could help ensure that the world's politicians take notice. We could help to ensure that the United Nations became an effective voice which is backed up by all peace loving countries.

Here on this website you will find the articles from some of the UK`s leading personalities and peace campaigners. You will also find links to the website of other groups who are campaigning for peace. This site gives you an opportunity to participate as a member of the campaign. For details about joining, simply click the link below, and remember - FOR EVIL TO PREVAIL ALL THAT IS NECESSARY IS FOR GOOD MEN AND WOMEN TO DO NOTHING.

To join the Campaign - Click Here!

In the Next Update
In the next update it is hoped to include contributions from the three main political parties, the Anglican & Catholic churches as well as from the Muslim Peace Council of the UK. We also hope to include messages of support from some of Britain?s leading Film Stars, Entertainers, Sportsmen & Women and other celebrities.


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