Oh, the joy of fresh drinking water!

In the civilised countries of Europe, America & Australasia most of us tend to take fresh, running, drinking water for granted. We also rarely think about from where our next mouthful of food will come. We never have to give a thought to sanitation, pollution or waste disposal.

However, all over the world there are children & adults who are only now beginning to appreciate this valuable commodity! Do they take it for granted ? We think not - do you? Due to the unceasing efforts of the United Nations, and many worldwide charities like OXFAM, the Red Cross and Christian Aid amongst many others; some of these problems are being resolved. Unfortunately there are still many countries where, due to internal warfare or disputes with their neighbours, children are dying of malnutrition.

Members of The World Peace Campaign believe that with sufficient religious & political co-operation together with the agreement of caring people around the world, such problems must be resolved. It really is time for us to unite the world in peace . It is time that we put pressure on our MPs & MEPs in the UK and Europe, as well as Senators & Congressmen in America & Canada to persuade the heads of our Governments to take action - NOW! Its easy to find the Email address of your democratic representative or religious leader! Get in touch with them now. The very least you can do is to send a short note urging action together with a copy of this article. You can also send it to all your friends. Just think what we could achieve if they all received thousands of Emails on this important and worthwhile topic! It?s time to let YOUR voice be heard.
This article has been prepared by John Stephen Founder of World Peace Campaign. We are indebted to the Red Cross for the photo which appeared on the reverse of their 2007 diary.

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