Profile of John A Stephen

Founding Director

Although born in London during World War II, John had a somewhat chequered education with an upbringing in farming and horticulture in Devon. There was always a strong non-orthodox religious influence in his early life. He was moved from primary school to a Secondary Modern and two different Grammar schools due to his family's changing circumstances. Following the family's move to Bewdley in the West Midlands his educational career ended with a great spell at the College of Further Education in Bromsgrove John has always considered a wonderful year.

Following a variety of jobs he became an employee of the Post Office and eventually a Telecoms business representative working towards the modernisation of Telecoms equipment for businesses in the area to the west of Birmingham. It was during this period that he married his wife Mary. He later became the father of 4 daughters and eventually grandfather to 3 grandsons and 3 grand-daughters.

Politics entered his life in 1974 and he became active at a local level eventually becoming a County Councillor of the then Hereford & Worcester Council and representing his local ward. Over the years he became more interested in the administration aspects of organised politics holding various roles including finance, fund raising, membership recruitment & records.

After a long break from politics during which he concentrated his efforts on his mail order business, John became increasingly concerned about the plight of people living in the third world countries and the frequent conflicts around the globe. The terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon and the later attacks in London were obviously a major influence in his decision to start a non-political world wide peace campaign. It has taken several months to build the site with the able assistance of his friend Andy to whom he is most grateful for his technical skills in building the site this far. It is a website campaign which is intended to gain a massive worldwide membership. It would thus have a strong influence for peace with the objective of uniting all peace loving people as well as the efforts of the world's various religious & political groups.

The web campaign is also intended as a forum for discussion on how the world's problems can be resolved before they lead to conflict & bloodshed. John appeals for your help in achieving this worthy objective!!

John has been unable to work on updating this site for several months.
His wife Mary passed away in November 2009 following a long illness due to leaukeamia.
John writes - Eventually time is a good healer and the grieving stops.
It is then time to review your life. In my case I am hoping to find a new partner. That is not so easy when you are over 70. I am fortunate in that I have 4 lovely daughters who all have their own homes. I have also been blessed with 6 grandchildren.
John added - I would very much like to find people of similar views to those expressed on this web site to help share the workload of promotion of worldwide peace.


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